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Local Honey Bee Nucs for Sale

We will have nucs with 2023 overwintered queens available for sale mid to late April for $210 with $10 refund upon return of box.

We will have nucs with new 2024 queens available for sale mid-late May for $180.


During last week's inspections, I saw frame after frame of healthy brood and resources in our colonies! Nucs will be 5 deep frame colonies in Jester plastic nuc boxes. Overwintered queens were raised in my local apiary in July 2023 and they are in their prime. May nucs will be stocked with 2024 queens raised in my apiary. I am certified to sell bees by the PA Department of Agriculture.

There will be a limited number of nucs. Pick up only. Feel free to message us with any questions or to reserve an April or May nuc. We look forward to hearing from you!

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