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Our apiary provides more than enough honey for the family and we happily sell our unfiltered and unheated honey in one pound jars in several locations. If you would like to purchase outside the usual one pound jar, contact us, we are happy to bottle something special for you.


Though we do not have a farmstand, we have plenty of honey and welcome visitors at StellaLou Farm. If you would like to purchase honey straight from the source, use our contact page.  We respond to messages quickly and look forward to scheduling a visit.

Steve and Katie Stoltzfus have jars of our raw honey for sale at their organic dairy: Sunset View Pastures Farm, 751 Saw Mill Road, Cochranville, PA 19330.  It is a real treat to visit their beautiful farm. You won’t be able to resist taking some of their super fresh nutritious raw milk, dairy products, and free range chicken eggs home with you!


StellaLou Farm sells Icelandic landrace chicken hatching eggs each spring. 

The Icelandic landrace chickens are like having wildflowers running around the yard! Each one is different from the other in color, pattern, crest and comb, and character. They make great mamas! They are good foragers and work all day long to find food in their world. They are adaptable and hardy and healthy provided their basic requirements of good food and appropriate shelter. They lay well. They are quite savvy when it comes to avoiding predators but there are no guarantees! The roosters are attentive to the hens: calling to them when treats are available, performing mating dances, and protecting them from predators.


Hatching eggs will be available for pickup only in Cochranville, PA in southern Chester County. Please, go to our contact page to request hatching eggs or to ask any questions that you may have.


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