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Floating Islands

This spring we are continuing the implementation of Flowscape, a land art installation designed by The Coop at StellaLou Farm and our friends. Our educational page describes the whole project in more detail: Flowscape

This morning we began the process of building the supports that will eventually be 3x3' floating plantable islands for the duck pond. What are we thinking?

By assessing what is considered waste on the landscape, we have been able to creatively reassign roles and labels to these materials: bamboo and excess nutrients from duck pond. This rearranging of the current waste flows in the landscape into floating living islands, increases the naturally active ecosystem that is the pond edge. On a frame built from latticed bamboo, native wetland plants purchased and gathered locally will be introduced and use excess nutrients from the duck pond. In return, these plants assist in filtering the water, creating balance, health, and a new ecosystem for fauna. These intentionally constructed edge environments concentrate learning opportunities about efficient exchange of nutrients that can assist plant life, soil, and water quality.

Bamboo, which has vigorously spread from our inherited grove into the woodlot, has been harvested and cut to 42". A single float will require two 3x3 squares made from 14 pieces of bamboo each. We are using a square lashing technique to hold the bamboo together with lightly waxed cotton twine.


Sunday morning, 3/20/2022! Learn to and assist in lashing together the remaining four 3x3" bamboo lattices!

With the help of our community and the redistribution of energies on the landscape, we hope this floating island experiment will:

REUSE wasted natural materials

FILTER the duck pond with plants

EXPANDING the diversity of flora and fauna in the pond

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