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hands off

Yes. Insects are becoming a big part of my life. I spend a lot of time smashing them, avoiding them, hunting them, and; quite possibly, even more time applauding them.


(as usual, click for full page image and click, again, for closeup)

This tomato hornworm was sighted in the paste tomato patch. It is covered with the parasitic cocoons of the braconid wasp, a beneficial insect. The Tomato Hornworm can do a lot of damage to tomato plants. Not this one.

As I scroll through a list deciding to which category to assign this post; I see that “Strategies” is appropriate as well as “Gardens” and “Insects.” Different methods are employed, more or less intentionally, to achieve desired outcomes. I guess this strategy could be called “Hands off.” Outcomes? Food production without input of insecticides, food production with reduced labor input (spraying, squishing, swatting), joy, understanding, and awareness that I am part of nature. So, the next time, I wish for any one of these outcomes; I may want to consider this strategy as an option.

P.S. This strategy is closely aligned to Permaculture’s number one principle,  “Observe and Interact.” Check it out.

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