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Foraged Feast

Sarah Murray led two very wonderful wild food workshops at StellaLou this past weekend.

We spent the days enjoying the outdoors, observing the wonders of nature, engaging in hands-on learning, and nourishing our bodies with delicious food. If you want to be inspired and develop skills so that you can forage and prepare your own wild food, Sarah’s class schedule is posted here. The following photos were taken on Sunday. Sunday’s workshop focused on continued instruction in the identification and utilization of culinary and medicinal plants as well as harvesting those plants and creating a feast from our harvest. I have to admit my surprise with regard to the meal preparation that occurred on Sunday.  I was, fully, expecting a “Yes, this tastes like it would be good for you” kind of dining experience.  No way! This was a legitimate gourmet meal and truly inspirational event.

Here we are starting the day!

We learned about wild plants: how to identify them, about their medicinal, nutritional, and culinary properties; and about harvesting techniques.

We worked together to harvest plants for our meal from the fields, gardens, orchards, and edges.

Sarah helped us to navigate the kitchen as well as the field. What a wonderful way to explore the wild abundance all around us!

We finished the day with the gratitude and satisfaction that comes from a fabulous home spun meal and spending time with wonderful people!

Good resource page for “Wild Foodies:”

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