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“A Tale of Two New Friends”

My daughter, Hannah LeVasseur, and my future son-in-law, Paul Harne, have published three genuine hold-it-in-your-hand children’s books! The series is titled “A Tale of Two New Friends” and includes “Aemon and Scotty Explore Outer Space,” “Liam and Zayo Open Up Nothing,” and “Seamus and Gokeo, Adventure in All Sizes.”


You have already had a taste of Paul’s writing in this blog post about beekeeping. Yes, he is the wordmaster.


You’ve seen Hannah in many of my blog posts but I’m afraid you haven’t, yet, seen much of her creative work. She is an artist, an art teacher, and the illustrator of these books.

Here is the link to view full previews of the book and to purchase the books in either hard or soft cover. It is beautifully written and has gorgeous illustrations for children, young and old!  Go see for yourself!

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