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Visit to the Coop

We’ve had a couple of very cold and windy days, here, in southern Chester County, PA. The hens didn’t even want to come out of their coop. Fortunately, they had plenty of room to go about their daily routines. It was nice to have them together so that I could capture a few decent shots. You can click on an image, once or twice, if you want to see it enlarged.

This is “Blue,” one of June’s hens that moved into our coop. She is big and beautiful.  She’s a bit of a loner and doesn’t, usually, hang with the other hens.


Blue gets the award for the finest feathered fanny! Isn’t that stunning!


StellaLou performs her charming chicken moves.

These are June’s two black hens that moved into our coop.  I think they may be Black Australorps, a favorite of mine. I modified the photo a bit in Gimp.


This is one of our youngest hens. We picked up five juvenile hens in the fall. This one was thrown in for free, a Silver Laced Wyandotte. She is very curious and spunky and small. Unfortunately, two of the young ones died. Very sad for that but the remaining hens seem quite healthy. Paul’s young nephew named one of the bunch, “Ham.” We don’t usually name our hens unless someone else slaps a name on them and it sticks. Ham stuck but we don’t remember which of the young hens was named Ham. We call all the young hens Ham, now….with qualifiers. This one is Little Ham. I think that is Black Ham at her feet. Black Ham has a gorgeous red comb. Little Ham has a terrible habit of biting Red Ham’s butt so that the tail feathers are ratty. Red Ham is going to be beautiful when she molts and gets a new tail grown out.


This is a close up of Red Ham’s feathers. She’s a Golden Laced Wyandotte.


This is Red Ham taking a drink. I brought the waterer inside the coop for the hens. On very cold days, the water has to be changed often because it freezes.

This is one of June’s black hens that moved into the coop. Fluffy. This photo was modified in Gimp, also.



Australorps in a bunch.

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