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Tulip Poplar Stand

Artie planted this stand of tulip poplars some thirty odd years ago. It’s magnificent to stand beneath them on a bright and breezy late May morning!

Tuliptree (also tulip poplar, yellow poplar, white poplar, canoewood, or whitewood)/Liriodendron Tulipifera Linnaeus


There is one young Tuliptree on the bank of the pond. It must have been seeded from the stand.


This native tree provides a valuable source for nectar for insects and honeybees. I am very happy that our hives can benefit from this beautiful stand of trees. The wood is valued for furniture, crates, toys, musical instruments, and pulpwood. Of the hardwoods, it is one of the more soft and lightweight. In fact, single logs were hollowed out to make canoes; hence, “canoewood.” I understand that parts of the tree, it’s leaves and blossoms have been used medicinally as well.

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