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The chickens are home!

We have some good news and some good news. First, we sold the Elkins Park house and the closing is this week. You can imagine the flurry of activity! Our household will, finally, be together in one location after a year and a half!  Second, the chickens are here.  Hannah and I cleared around the old chicken coop, patched some holes, put down chicken wire to prevent digging creatures, fluffed in some bedding, installed the roosts and nesting boxes, secured the door and said, “Good to go!” Last night, I popped the four hens off of their roost in Elkins Park and tucked them into the dog crate. A truck ride took them to their new roost at StellaLou Farm. We are attempting to keep the hens secure from predators with electric net fence powered with a solar charger and by locking them into the coop at night. They have been doing some serious exploring and foraging this morning!


The four hens are enjoying the plentiful greens at their new home! The black hen is StellaLou.

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