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The call of spring


A few days ago, what seemed hauntingly melodic in the early morning became bold and insistent as the sun and heat strengthened mid-day. Bufo americanus, the American Toad, dominates the sound scene in early April and the pond is center stage.

Calling, waiting, swimming, connecting…

Indie was curious but, clearly, not a predator. That seems to be the role of the blue heron which visited the pond frequently during mating time.

This weekend, as I was walking with Hannah and her friends, I looked into the pond and saw this stuff on the edge of the water. I, immediately, envisioned myself trying to clean up all this garbage from the pond! What the heck is that stuff?



They kind of remind me of seed tape! I’ve been taking trips to the pond to watch the toad “seeds” elongating as they progress in their growth toward tadpole-dom.

UPDATE: POLLIWOG STAGE (Image and video taken 5/26/2013; temp low to mid 60’s, sunshine)



This was going through my head:

As I watched this:

#Americantoad #matingtoad #polliwog #pollywog

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