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StellaLou Apiary

There was a light spotty frost on Sunday morning but it, quickly, warmed with the brilliant sun. By the time, J and I finished a session of brush and sapling clearing (multiflora rose, honeysuckle, mulberry, thorny callery pear), it had warmed enough for the honeybees to start flying. We added hives three and four on Saturday afternoon. We have been getting our packages from Jim Bobb of Worcester Honey Farms. The first two packages were brought in last month. They are queen right and off to a good start with supplemental 1:1 sugar water feeding. The hives are on the eastern side of the property in the space where we took down the old shed. This location gets early sunshine and is protected from wind that comes strong and cold from the northwestern corner of the property. Easy access, also, makes this a fine location.  Next, we look to our strong hive in Elkins Park. It may be ready for a split. If that is the case, we will have a nuc to add to the apiary!

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