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Praying mantis


I saw many egg cases hanging on stems and branches in the winter; so, it is no surprise to find plenty of these insects in the pasture now that the weather is warm. I took this picture of a praying mantis on July 1, 2013, a rainy morning. I stalked the evasive young mantis to take a picture while a biting fly stalked the back of my neck. Grrrr. The praying mantis is a beneficial insect in that it is a predator for many of the insects that create problems in our gardens and lives. However, it, also, eats other beneficial insects. Apparently, it can also eat small rodents, birds, snakes and lizards. Fierce!


Photo taken August 17, 2013.  Many full grown praying mantises sighted in the tall vegetation. This one in the Queen Anne’s Lace.

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