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Kousa in the Rain

More than 3″ and the rain still falls. The pond is filling up. Puddles are deepening. It is a musical rain. Gentle breezes blow with the intoxicating scents of honeysuckle and rose. I look through the living room window and am drawn out into the rain by the glow of dogwood blossoms. The Kousa Dogwood graces our front door. There are dense veils of white flowers against the dark green of the tree’s foliage. The darker the day, the more brilliant the blossoms appear.

The Kousa dogwood (Cornus Kousa) flowers about a month later than the flowering dogwoods (Cornus Florida). They, also, bear an edible fruit which ripens in the fall and is best eaten raw.  I’m hoping that this tree will provide us with a little taste.  We’ll see!


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