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Holistic Management

Alan Savory has done in depth studies with regard to desertification and climate change. His personal evolution as a scientist and as an environmentalist is inspiring. Click this link for a brief but clearly articulated presentation of his work. Allan Savory has developed a management system that can be used in many different applications but it is particularly critical in those areas faced with inconsistent humidity and impending desertification. It is very exciting and hopeful that the NRCS (National Resource and Conservation Services) is beginning to utilize this system in their work with the agricultural and ranching community. This is the link to his organization’s website for Holistic Management.

I have read Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision-Making by Alan Savory and, though it has a strong focus on ranching in the more brittle environments than we have here; I find that this decision making framework is quite strong and useful. I am seeing that permaculturists are beginning to utilize this framework to help bring excellent decision-making and greater clarity to their work. Our vision for StellaLou was developed through the process outlined in the book.

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