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Brown Thrasher song

The song of the brown thrasher, mid-April:

They sing for a very long time! I’ve read that at the beginning of the mating season, the male bird goes to the treetop and sings and sings and sings to demonstrate endurance. I have longer sound recordings but…you get the idea! The brown thrasher is in the family of Mimidae which includes birds such as the Catbird and the Mockingbird.

I do not have a good close up or still shot of the bird but could see the brown color, shape, long tail, and hear it’s continuous and varied song. There are many good descriptions that I’ve found on the internet. I like this  description of the brown thrasher’s song. The writer shares a “picture” of the bird encouraging farmers as they plant seeds in the field. The go-to Cornell Lab of Ornithology is, also, a good reference for a description of the brown thrasher.

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