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A Good Place to Stand


As I walk the land with Indie; I find that our path is becoming, nearly, routine.  I, also, find that I look forward to reaching certain landmarks along our way.  This white oak is one of them.  It stands as a sentry between the upper and lower landscape. I’m not surprised when I see that it has received some special attention from other people. Troublesome vines at the base of this tree have been cut away while they have been allowed to completely entangle others nearby. From this tree, I can look down the slope to the south and see the gentle valley shape of the field.  I can see the pond and the woodlot behind it. I can stand on the east – southeast side of this tree and be protected from the cold northwestern winds which blast over the nearby farmer’s field and through our windbreak. I’m grateful for the tree while noting that it might be wise to fortify the windbreak.  Artie planted the white oaks with acorns from the great oak that stands at the London Grove Meeting House. That tree is said to have shaded William Penn as he ate his lunch. I’ve seen it and it is grand! Two of her children are thriving on this land. The other white oak stands in front of the underground house  to the east of this one.

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