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The sound of snowmelt

Last week, we had one or two inches of wet snow. With the day, came the sun and above freezing temperatures. The snow, quickly, began to melt. I went outside for one of my many poking around walks with Indie and was met with an exciting symphony of sound. That music was the sound of water moving over and pouring off of the many roofs, gutters, and impervious surfaces at StellaLou onto other surfaces. The video is not very good, however, the sound is strong enough to carry a story. Remember it was not raining at all as I shot this video. Listen!

What an abundance! Wouldn’t it be great to use that abundance to benefit what we are trying to do here at StellaLou instead of letting it dance away in its exciting but not, particularly, productive way? This water is running away in quantities, at speeds, and in directions that are, actually and potentially, problematic. It’s not my intention to go into strategies here but to share this observation.

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