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Goodbye to StellaLou…

This post is in memory of a stellar chicken and our farm’s namesake, StellaLou. It is, also, to celebrate a magnificent creature…that is, this red-tailed hawk.  


This is our first encounter with a hawk in the chicken coop. It started with June’s red hen. She was ailing. That very day, I watched the poor girl walk around the yard without purpose and kind of in a daze. I thought to myself, “That hen would make a good target for a hawk.” Sure enough.

I chased the hawk out of the coop. I pulled the door closed most of the way and open just enough to allow the hens in. I hoped that I was done with it. The hawk came back to kill StellaLou. That hawk and I had another face to face before I sent it off.

But I have to say….

If anything should take out StellaLou, let it be this…


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